HI Pryce

My name is Tommie and I study political science at Radboud University. I produce music under the artist name Hi Pryce, taking inspiration from many different genres like Hip Hop, Trap and Drum ’n Bass. I try to create a unique sound that can be described as dark, atmospheric and emotional. My style is also heavily influenced by anime, video game and movie soundtracks. Right now I’m looking to make my mark in the ever growing underground Wave scene.


My name is Querijn better known as Leniz in the drum & bass scene. I’m mostly known for my lush Liquid Drum&Bass but tend to make some harder or more jungly bits from time to time. Overall my sound is describable as oldschool & I’ve been making music since the age of 12 but only started doing serious production in 2017.I currently study Human Resource Management at the HAN. If you are a bit familiar with Drum&Bass you might have seen my name pop up on various flyers such as those of Liquicity or a bit closer to home, Fiber.


I’m Sjoerd, 19 years old and currently studying my first year of Biology at Radboud University. When I was 17 I found out about the house genre, and really started to love it. When I went to my first parties I knew I had to do something with it because those lovely drums and groovy melodies really gets everyone going on the dance floor. That’s why I bought a controller a few months ago and started to learn mixing. I also play the piano that I really want to combine with producing tracks. Due to the pandemic I couldn’t do it in front of a few people but I hope that next year I will have my first gig and release some tracks in the summer! My artist name is Zjord.

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My name is Charlotte Beniers and I’m a student dentistry at the Radboud University. Music has been a big part of my life since I started playing cello when I was 9 years old. As I got older my passion for electronical music grew bigger and bigger and I started DJ’ing myself. The music I play is dark, hard and mysterious techno, the sort of techno you want to listen to during the night-time in a really sweaty rave basement!


Hi, i’m Jochem and I am currently studying AI on the Radboud Uni. I’ve started making music on the piano when I was 8 and then at the age of 13 I started producing music on the computer. A while later I started DJing at house parties. I am mainly influenced by Techno, Drum & Bass and breakbeat styles combined with synths and melody.


My name is Noud Emonts, 23 years old and I’m studying Data Science at Radboud University. I’ve been making music ever since I was 8 years old as I started playing the flugelhorn back then. When I was around 18 years old I switched to playing the trumpet, which I’m still playing in the Studenten Bigband Nijmegen. Next to making music I’ve always had a passion for electronic music and listened to it all day. Nevertheless I only started DJ’ing at the age of 21, but it is definitely one of my favourite hobbies. I mainly enjoy playing Disco, House and Tech House, and next to DJ’ing I’m also into live producing with some friends and arranging music for the bigband I’m playing in.