Past Events

Soundlab on air


While we were still in the middle of the Corona pandemic, we organized our second online event SOUNDLAB ON AIR! This time in collaboration with none other than Doornroosje, thé pop venue in Nijmegen and one of the largest in the Netherlands. Once again our own members have performed amazing sets which were complemented by an amazing light show thanks to the facilities of Doornroosje. SoundLab Visuals were made by a VJ especially for this event. All of this was captured in high quality, edited and finally broadcast on February 26, 2021. Curious about what this all sounded like? All sets can be found on our YouTube channel!

Below are some photos from the event!

SYNCHRONIZE Online Festival


Unfortunately, the Corona pandemic started quite soon after our official foundation, which prevented our initial plans for this event from happening. But that certainly didn’t stop us from organizing something. We changed all our plans and managed to set up an online festival in a short time with 2 different stages, and certainly not in the least places! In collaboration with Radboud University, we streamed the festival live from the sky lounge of the Erasmus Tower, the tallest building in Nijmegen, and theater hall C on the university campus. Our own members have put together awesome sets here, and as icing on the cake, none other than the president of the Executive Board, Daniël Wigboldus, performed an amazing live set at our event!


Check out some photos from the event below!