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Do you know how to make the hottest beats? Do you always get the audience sweating at parties with your DJ skills? Then SoundLab is definitely something for you! However, even if you aren’t familiar with DJ’ing or producing yet, you are more than welcome! We are an association full of enthusiastic members who are happy to share their musical knowledge with you. You can register via the button below. Still doubting? Then you can sign up to visit one of our activities with no strings attached via the button below as well!


Weekly activities

We organize varying activities on a weekly basis such as workshops, masterclasses and of course drinks and parties. This with the aim of developing ourselves musically, but of course also to have fun with each other! Examples of our activities are:

Producer challenge: In the producer challenge we challenge our members to step out of their comfort zone and produce from a different perspective, within a certain time limit. The winners of past challenges can be found on our SoundCloud page.

Workshops and masterclasses: To broaden our musical knowledge, we organize all kinds of workshops and masterclasses. This can be anything; from music theory to a track deconstruction and from a presentation about the dance scene in Nijmegen to a DJ workshop.

Chill sessions: Of course we will also have a drink sometimes! The chill sessions are there for the necessary relaxation and mutual bonding. Nothing is more important than getting to know your fellow musicians, and who knows, maybe a great collaboration will emerge! Of course there is always a DJ set present!

Feedback sessions: During the feedback sessions we let each other hear our new (parts of) tracks. Your fellow members will then provide feedback (if necessary) that you can use to take your track to the next level!

Dj gigs, tutorials and more!

Besides our weekly activities, SoundLab has a lot more to offer!

DJ Gigs: In addition to our own events where our members are of course on the line-up, we are also often approached by other organizations that have a party or event and are still looking for DJs. For this we have created a DJ Pool that you can join as a member of our association. We try to actively promote this, so that you as a member get more (paid) gigs!

Tutorials & Masterclasses: We also make sure that we store as many of our masterclasses and tutorials as possible in our database, so that you as a member of us have unlimited access to our previous masterclasses whenever you want!

Rent the DJ Set: As a member of SoundLab you can rent our DJ set for only €5 per day! This way you can practice at home if you don’t have any equipment yourself, or if you want to experiment with other gear.

Connections: Perhaps the most important benefit; meeting like-minded people. Not only does this provide extra motivation to keep DJ’ing/producing, but it also ensures that we can learn from each other. Do you want to know how to do something in Ableton, which turntable to buy or something completely different? Use the knowledge we have as a group and learn from each other!