DJ Beginner Course

Hey Soundlab Members,

This week on the 30th of September we have a DJ Beginners Course. You always wanted to try DJing, but never had the chance to and you don’t want to spend money on equipment without knowing whether it is something for you? This is your chance! Or you have some experience playing on your computer with a controller, but want to know how it feels to play on a bigger set? Again, this is your chance!

There will be 3 pioneer DJ Sets available on which you can practice in small groups while getting to know some tricks from members who have experience with DJing. Before that you will also get some general explanation surrounding the topic for example on how to prepare a set using rekordbox.
The event will take place this Thursday, the 30th of September, 20:00-22:30 in EOS. Information about the exact rooms will follow later.

For planning purposes can you please fill your name in this list if you think you might join the DJ Course on Thursday:
If you are not 100% sure yet, just put your name in the list anyways, because downsizing the event is way easier for us than upsizing!


Sorry for giving you this information so late! If you want to have exclusive insider information about every event way before it happens consider joining the activity committee. We especially need people who primarily/only DJ and people who have no/not much experience with DJing and/or producing. If you are interested to join a meeting to see whether this might be something for you feel free to contact me! 

Hope to see you on Thursday!

The Activity Committee